Ava für Organisationen

Maak uw communicatie met klanten toegankelijk voor doven en slechthorenden

Machen Sie Ihren Arbeitsplatz für alle Mitarbeiter zugänglich

Meetings, Einzelgespräche, Präsentationen, Mittagessen und mehr

Ava is a mobile app that everyone (coworkers, family members, friends) download on their smartphone. By connecting each other via the app, every smartphone becomes a microphone, and Ava captions what the group says on the deaf/hard-of-hearing person phone. They can then answer by either talking, or if they have a “Deaf” voice, typing. Ava can even voice the deaf person’s answer.

Why Ava?

The work environment is extremely challenging for your deaf or hard-of-hearing coworkers. Not being able to understand what’s being said in group meetings results in not being able to get involved and actually participate.

This is not only tremendously frustrating for the deaf or hard-of-hearing person, but also for their colleagues. Including everyone all the time is hard. Ava makes it much easier, and extremely affordable.


Next steps
  • Ava is designed to improve accessibility and communications at work between deaf & hard-of-hearing people and their hearing coworkers.
  • Ava is always ready to caption, so deaf/hard-of-hearing people can always be part of the conversations.
  • Easy to use, free to download, give Ava a try with your coworkers.
  • Interested by a discount license or enterprise-specific features? Leave your information below and we’ll get back to you.