Ava für Fachleute

Gemeinsam machen wir die totale Barrierefreiheit zur Realität!

Doctor/patient conversations that deaf/hard-of-hearing people can remember

Ava is an option for accessible conversations with deaf/hard-of-hearing patients. Speak into their phone, they type to answer you.

Ava is a mobile app that everyone (coworkers, family members, friends) downloads on their smartphone. By connecting each smartphone’s microphone via the app, Ava captions what the group says on the deaf/hard-of-hearing person phone. They can then answer by either talking, or if they have a “Deaf” voice, typing. Ava can even voice the deaf person’s answer. ​ Though VRI services are available in the United States, in many situations, very important health information can be lost in the conversation with deaf/hard-of-hearing people. Ava is an option for patients to communicate with doctors, heath professionals & medical staff. ​ If you’re a healthcare professional who is facing these issues and you are interested in seeing how Ava can help, please leave us your information.