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Make any communication inclusive to the deaf/hard-of-hearing

Campus accessibility: give students an opportunity for 24/7 accessibility

Ava empowers these students to a day-to-day accessibility

Ava is a mobile app for deaf/hard-of-hearing students, used in pairing with any Bluetooth microphone to provide a real-time transcript of any lecture.

Because they’re not that often interpreted/captioned, classrooms can be very challenging for deaf/hard-of-hearing students. Teachers can speak fast and be hard to lip-read. Ava has been designed for helping deaf/hard-of-hearing people understand better in these situations.

An active student life also happens outside of the classroom, far from any accessibility service provided. Deaf/hard-of-hearing students should not be forced to miss out on dorm conversations, group study sessions, cafeteria discussions, workshops and whatnots.

You’re a teacher/education professional working with deaf/hard-of-hearing students? Get started today with Ava.

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