Ava for Professionals

Let's make total accessibility happen, together.

Make Your Workplace Accessible for all Employees

Meetings, 1 on 1's, Presentations, Lunches & More

“I gained a level of confidence that I could not have imagined before. Suddenly meetings I used to avoid are now accessible. You can’t imagine the impact it has made for me.”

Frederique Senique - FDJ

Ava makes it possible for employees who are Deaf or hard-of-hearing to be fully included in your workplace. In group meetings of any size, 1:1’s, Presentations, Lunches and more, Ava empowers full communication so that all employees can fully engage with their colleagues in the workplace.

How Ava Works:

Ava accessibility helps any size employer provide affordable, real-time captioning for your employees. Here’s a quick User Manual on how it works.

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