Ava for Organizations

Make any communication inclusive to the deaf/hard-of-hearing

Make Your Workplace Accessible for all Employees

Meetings, 1 on 1's, Presentations, Lunches & More

“I gained a level of confidence that I could not have imagined before. Suddenly meetings I used to avoid are now accessible. You can’t possibly imagine the impact it has made for me.” Frederique Seneque, HR in Fortune 500

Ava makes it possible for employees who are Deaf or hard-of-hearing to be fully included in your workplace. In group meetings of any size, 1:1’s, Presentations, Lunches and more, Ava empowers full communication so that all employees can fully engage with their colleagues in the workplace.

How Ava Works:

Ava accessibility helps any size employer provide affordable, real-time captioning for your employees.

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