Current Status

Launch update: Reported issues

Issue 1: You did not receiving a verification code.

If you downloaded Ava on November 17th, there's a chance you did not receive a verification code. This was not intended, and due to the high number of sign ups that happened during our launch day. Please just try signing up again, by entering your phone number (double check that the digits and the country are correct!). You should receive a new code

Issue 2 (iOS only): You received a code, but it seems to not be working.

A bug sneaked in our 1.0 release, where some users receive the (correct) code, but Ava doesn't move on. If this is what happens to you right now, please send us an email at with a subject "I received the code, but Ava is stuck.". One of the Ava team member will help you quickly get your app working.

Issue 3 (iOS only): You see people you don't know in your contacts

If you see people that you don't know, online (with a green dot) in your contacts, know that this is not the normal app behavior. These people are other Ava users who are trying out the app. Please avoid contacting them as they may be busy in their own conversations, and use the Contact Panel search bar to connect with your actual friends on Ava. We apologize for the trouble: this issue will be solved as soon as possible, with the new update.

Issue 4 (Android): You were an Ava tester before, and 1.0 crashes when you open

There's an immediate fix you can do to get Ava working in 3 minutes! 1. Uninstall Ava app 2. Power off, power on your phone 3. Install Ava again, sign in with your existing phone number to your existing account.

Other issues

Ava is in public beta, so there's certainly other nagging bugs, however we don't think as critical as these above. Please let us know via the "Help/Feedback" chat or email us at