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Ava combines live captioning specialists with AI for maximum accuracy at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional CART services.

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What is CART?

Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) is a service that provides real-time transcription or captioning of audio content. It is primarily used to assist individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing to access live communication, such as meetings, conferences, classrooms, or public events.

Where is CART used?

CART services are used in various settings, including educational institutions, workplace environments, webinars, and public events. The availability and utilization of CART contribute to fostering communication access and inclusivity for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Ava Scribe

Unlike traditional CART captions or common speech-to-text apps, Ava Scribe combines AI with professional captioners (Scribes) to deliver the highest quality captions at the best price and meet ADA requirements.

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Improve participation and comprehension of your Deaf and hard-of-hearing employees with our unrivaled accuracy.

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Easy scheduling

Unlike CART, you can quickly schedule an Ava Scribe (with as little as 12 hours notice). Most CART vendors require 2-4 times

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Shield your organization from ADA and disability discrimination lawsuits. Ava Scribe meets ADA requirements with up to 99% accuracy.

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Ava works with all platforms and tools — and integrates with all videoconferencing platforms including Zoom, Teams, and Meet.

They use Ava every day!

As a profoundly deaf person, Ava allows me to talk to people in real-time. I'm lost without it. 


Business Owner

With people wearing face masks, I can’t understand anything anyone is saying. Ava is a lifesaver.

Ann Thomas

Hearing Loss Advocate

Ava helped me a lot during these COVID-19 times. I use it for work and conference calls. I just open the microphone and boom! I can see closed captioning on the screen. I love the product!

Lisa Moreno

Marketing Specialist, Oportun

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