Ava helps during COVID-19 — Caption any online meetings with Ava Web in one click. Understand people even with a mask with the Ava App.
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Live captions for Zoom,
in one-click.

Real-time and highly accurate automatic and professional captions to all your meetings & webinars.
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Ava helps everyday +150,000 people and top organizations build an inclusive societyMake any online and in-person conversation
accessible to Deaf & hard-of-hearing people.
Cornell University
Rochester Institute of Technology
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Display instant captions for your online classes or video lectures, no matter the platform used.

💻 Ava for Mac & Windows will always display captions on top of the video or presentation, so you can follow comfortably.

✍️ Use Ava Scribe for perfect accuracy.
Request live professionals Scribes who will correct captions in real-time. Have the best notes among all your classmates!

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