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The most advanced captioning solution for a fully accessible classroom — built for the Deaf & hard-of-hearing community.

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Fair & flexible pricing

Save up to 30% over traditional CART options with Ava Scribe. Plus, there is no minimum engagement time required, so you only pay for the time you use.

Easiest scheduling ever

Invite an Ava Scribe to meetings like you invite any other participant. Then sit back & relax — near perfect captions will show up in seconds as AI & humans merge for 99% accuracy.

Secure & Private

Caption without worry — Ava has enterprise-grade security and keeps users and conversations' data safe, in compliance with GDPR.

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Jargon, until it isn't anymore

With a customizable dictionary and Scribe's real-time editing, Ava learns any classroom jargon and makes less transcription errors over time.

Available on mobile, web, Mac & Windows.

All-in-one accessibility for the classroom & beyond!

Ava can caption any situation — large and small lectures, in-person or online classes, scheduled or last-minute office hours, and daily campus conversations. It’s fast, highly accurate, and works across platforms.

Online classes

Ava can be used with any conferencing tool in order to caption your online classes in real-time. At the end of class, you’ll be able to view a transcript of your captioned conversations to help reinforce learning.

In-person meetings

1 on 1s or group conversations are a breeze with Ava. You can invite anyone with a link or QR code to clearly see who is speaking and when.

Flexibility that fits your needs

A school isn't just classes. For hanging out, attending events, extra curricular activities, or lunch with friends, Ava's AI-based captions are always available day and night!

Ava Scribe

State-of-the-art captioning. Instant & crystal clear.

Unlike traditional CART services or common speech-to-text apps, Ava combines the best of both delivering quality captions in today's hybrid academic environment. Human & artificial intelligence-based captions come with blazing speed and maximum accuracy.

Professional-Grade Captions
Ava Scribe is recommended for important conversations for professors, students and administrators.

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They use Ava every day!

With Covid-19 and people wearing face masks, I can’t understand anything anyone is saying. Ava is a lifesaver.

Ann Thomas

Hearing Loss Advocate

Ava helped me a lot during these COVID-19 times. I use it for work and conference calls. I just open the microphone and boom! I can see closed captioning on the screen. I love the product!

Lisa Moreno

Marketing Specialist, Oportun

Ava takes away the guesswork in these conversations. It solved an emergency problem that may take a few days to solve while we waited for a translator to come.

Maureen Wilson

Medicare Insurance Advisor

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