We are Ava and we believe total accessibility is possible.

We're a small team from around the world and we're breaking down communication barriers between the deaf & hearing worlds.

What we're built on


It doesn't matter where you're from. Together, we're stronger. It's you & us now.


Ava users are Pioneers: every day they explore with us the limits of what's possible in accessibility. We are the same: because we set to reach an ambitious goal, total accessibility, we need to go where no-one has gone before.


In sign language, communication is direct and respectful. It is authentic. We believe in a culture where everyone speaks their mind, to contribute to a better accessibility.


Empathy is how we think our product, our business, our company. We ought to go beyond surface-level interactions, to go beyond barriers.


We get up every morning because we know that our work with technology can have a real impact on millions of lives and fundamentally help to build a better society.

As a team of deaf and hearing folks, we've built Ava the way we needed it.

As we're challenging the status-quo in accessibility, mobile and speech technologies, amazing humans joined us in this mission. Here's who's behind Ava.

Photo of Thibault Duchemin &thibault
Thibault Duchemin
CEO & Co-Founder
Photo of Pieter Doevendans &pieter
Pieter Doevendans
COO & Co-Founder
Photo of Skinner Cheng &skinner
Skinner Cheng
CTO & Co-founder
Photo of Alexandre Hannebelle &alex
Alexandre Hannebelle
Data Scientist - Speech
Photo of Sacha Becourt &keiromidori
Sacha Becourt
Lead iOS Engineer
Photo of Guillaume SouliƩ &alcyon
Guillaume SouliƩ
Data Engineer
Photo of Adrien Doumergue &adoumergue
Adrien Doumergue
Data Scientist - Deep Learning
Photo of Adrien Meslet &avadrien
Adrien Meslet
Managing Director, France
Photo of Jean-Benoit Malzac &jbava
Jean-Benoit Malzac
Customer Success Manager