How to Sign "Again" in Sign Language

You might want to learn this word before you even spell your own name! This can be used to ask someone to repeat themselves, especially helpful when you don’t know what’s being said or spelled.

Signing "Again"

  1. Handshape: Form both hands into a “closed 5” handshape
  2. Sign Location: Bring your hands in front of your chest. Your non-dominant hand’s palm should face upward. Your dominant hand’s palm will be facing your body.
  3. Movement: Bring your dominant fingers to touch the center of your non-dominant hand palm.
  4. Facial Expression: Depending on the context of what you are saying, make sure your facial expression matches that. If you are conveying being frustrated, as in “He did WHAT, again??” then your face should match that. If you are confused about what someone said, you can raise your eyebrows with a puzzled look.


While in the English language, this is just one word, in ASL, it’s a full sentence.

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