How To Sign All in Sign Language

Another great word to learn as a beginner in sign language. This sign means “all-encompassing” or “all of it.” It can be used to refer to things, groups of people, and concepts.

Signing "All"

  1. Hand Position: Start with both hands open, fingers spread apart, and thumbs extended (like the number "5" handshape in ASL).
  2. Starting Placement: Hold your hands in front of you, with your palms facing each other, fingers pointing upwards. They should be slightly apart and located about chest level.
  3. Movement: Move your hands together in a sweeping motion, bringing your fingers and palms together as they meet. Your hands will finish close together with fingers still pointing upwards and the palms of your hands touching each other.

Facial Expression While Signing All in ASL

There isn't a specific facial expression associated with "all," but as always, your expression should match the context of your statement or question.

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