How To Sign Assignment in Sign Language

Who loves getting assignments? Not us! Alas, it’s part of the workplace and is so important to know in sign language, especially if you are managing someone who uses sign language.

Directions for Signing "Assignment" in Sign Language

  1. Hand position 1: With your non-dominant hand, form a “1” handshape with your index finger raised
  2. Hand position 2: WIth you dominant hand, form a “2” handshape with your index and middle finger raised
  3. Placement: Place both hands in front of you. Make sure your non-dominant hand’s palm is facing outward and your non-dominant hand’s palm is facing down
  4. Movement: Keeping your non-dominant hand in place, move your dominant “2”-shaped hand towards the non-dominant “1”-shaped hand so that the “2” encapsulates the “1”


The word assignment is not the exact same as homework. For homework, you sign a combination of the signs "home" and "work" to make the compound word.

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