How to Sign "Birthday" in Sign Language

Knowing how to sign the word "birthday" can come in handy when you have a deaf or hard of hearing coworker. Imagine it's your coworker's birthday and everyone is singing the traditional "Happy Birthday" song, but they can't hear it. Instead, you sneakily sign "birthday" to them and their eyes light up with appreciation. It not only shows your inclusivity and effort to make them feel included, but it also adds a touch of whimsy to their special day. Plus, who knows? Maybe they'll teach you some fun signs for future celebrations!

Signing Birthday

  1. Hand Shape: The sign for "birthday" in ASL is performed by using a "8" handshape with your dominant hand.
  2. Sign Location: This sign is typically made in front of your body, around your chin and then your chest. Start by placing your middle finger on your chin
  3. Movement: Move your hand from your chin to the middle of your chest
  4. Facial Expression: While signing "birthday," wear a cheerful and celebratory expression. A smile and bright eyes convey the happiness associated with birthdays.


This sign beautifully captures the joy of celebrating another trip around the sun, making it a delightful addition to your ASL vocabulary.

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