How to Sign "Can you just adult for a sec?" in Sign Language

Okay, we’re putting this up for giggles. We know you wouldn’t really say this to someone… right? If you’re reading this, we thought you might have a chuckle or two on learning how to sign what you secretly really want to tell someone.

Signing "Can you just adult for a sec?"

  1. Signing “Can”: Form both hands into a fist and place them in front of your torso. In one swift movement, bring both hands downward
  2. Signing “You”: Using your dominant hand's index finger, point in the direction of the person you are talking to
  3. Signing “Grow up”: Form your non-dominant into a “C” handshape and hold at about torso level. With your dominant hand, bring your thumb and fingers together and push it through the “C” handshape, symbolizing growth. Then fingerspell “U” “P.”
  4. Signing “For”: Using the index finger of your dominant hand, bring the finger to your forehead. Then, swing it forward once, brining the bottom of your index finger to point outward.
  5. Signing “second”: Form a “1” handshape with both hands and bring to torso level. Place your non-dominant hand below your dominant hand, connecting the two hands together by touching the non-dominant index finger to the dominant palm. Then, in one swift motion, tip the dominant hand forward, symbolizing the tick of a clock.


Ava does not endorse actually using this phrase in professional contexts. This was purely for office humor. We do not take responsibility for this phrase being signed disrespectfully or unprofessionally.

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