How to Sign "Coffee" in Sign Language

Coffee, the aromatic elixir that boosts our mornings, our hearts, and our minds. Signing "coffee" is actually a lot like grinding the magical beans from which our superpowers come!

Signing "Coffee"

  1. Hand Shape: To sign "coffee" in ASL, form both hands into "S" handshapes, with your thumbs and fingers forming a fist.
  2. Sign Location: Position your hands near your chest, with your dominant hand above your non-dominant hand.
  3. Movement: Move your dominant hand in a circular motion in the direction of your dominant hand, as if grinding coffee beans.
  4. Facial Expression: Wear an expression of satisfaction and delight, as if you're enjoying a delicious cup of coffee.


This sign captures the essence of coffee and can be used to discuss your coffee preferences or invite someone for a coffee break.

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