How to Sign "Different" in Sign Language

In ASL, the sign for "different" visually represents the concept of contrast or variation, with the repeated motion of the hands symbolizing the diverse range of characteristics, opinions, and experiences in the world.

Signing “Different”

  1. Handshape: Form both hands into “1” handshapes with the index fingers extended
  2. Hand location: Bring both hands to about chest level
  3. Movement: Start with your index fingers crossed, touching one another. Then in one swift movement, uncross them so that they no longer touch
  4. Facial expression: When talking about difference, your facial expression should match the magnitude of difference. If there’s a huge, disparate difference, your face may be exaggerated. If there’s a small difference, your face may squint.


If you sign this repeatedly, it can represent the word “diversity” or talk about several things being different, e.g. “There are many different colors of that shirt available.”

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