How To Sign Done in Sign Language

In sign language, we use the concept “done” or “finished” to mean that something is completed, as well as to signify that “it’s all gone.”

Signing "Done"

  1. Hand Position: Start with both hands open with fingers together, in a position similar to the "B" handshape.
  2. Starting Placement: Hold your hands up in front of you, with your palms facing you and your fingers pointing upwards.
  3. Movement: Rotate both hands forward (away from you) so that at the end of the movement, the palms face down. Essentially, you're flipping your hands from a palms-toward-you orientation to a palms-away-from-you orientation.
  4. Facial Expression: Generally, there isn't a specific facial expression associated with "done," but as always, the context can dictate your facial expression. If you're relieved something is over, you might show that relief on your face; if you're simply indicating the completion of a task, your expression might be more neutral.

Bonus Note

In Deaf culture, one might sign FINISHED with one-hand to signify that they are in on the joke and “finished with it,” almost like the hearing equivalent of “cut it out!”

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