How to Sign "English" in Sign Langauge

Knowing how to sign the word "English" can be incredibly handy when interacting with Deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals. Not only does it allow for clear communication, but it also shows that you have taken the time to learn about their culture and language. Plus, in an international setting, being able to ask if someone's primary language is English in sign language can open up opportunities for cross-cultural connections and friendships. And who knows, maybe you'll impress some new friends with your "multilingualism"!

Signing "English"

  1. Hand Shape: Form your dominant hand into a loose “5” handshape, with your thumb and fingers extended. Form your non-dominant hand into a fist.
  2. Sign Location: Position both hands in front of your body, slightly under your chest. Place your non-dominant fist, palm facing down. Wrap your dominant hand around the fist completely.
  3. Movement: Tap your dominant hand around your first twice.
  4. Facial Expression: Wear a neutral expression while signing "English," focusing on the clarity of the sign.

Fun Fact

In America, this sign is used to also mean "England." However, in England, there's a different way of signing the country!

Break Communication Barriers

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