How to Sign "First" in Sign Language

Understanding how to sign "first" is crucial for effective communication within the Deaf community, as it enables individuals to discuss sequencing, priority, and accomplishment. This sign facilitates clear and concise expressions of being the initial or leading participant in a series of events or actions.

Signing “First”

  1. Hand shape: Form the dominant hand in a '1' shape, with the index finger extended and the other fingers curled into the palm.
  2. Hand location: Bring the dominant hand in front of the chest.
  3. Movement: Rotate the dominant hand forward in a short, decisive motion, indicating being in the leading position or the beginning of a sequence.
  4. Facial expression: Maintain a confident or determined facial expression, reflecting the sense of accomplishment or importance associated with being first.

Fun Fact

This is also how you sign the first part of $1. In American Sign Language, numbers regarding money are not signed like normal numbers. They are signed in this “ranking” fashion.

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