How to Sign "Hello, I’d like to introduce myself." in Sign Language

A simple, but important phrase when first learning ASL. You’ll want to keep this one in your back pocket for moments when you run into a Deaf person and you want to introduce yourself!

Signing “Hello, I’d like to introduce myself”

  1. Sign "Hello”: This is done by holding your hand up to your forehead and moving it slightly outward, as if waving.
  2. Sign “I”: Point to yourself with your index finger.
  3. Sign “Want”: Start with both hands open, palms facing upwards, fingers away from the body. Then bend all 10 fingers part way, as if grasping an invisible object. Don’t close them all the way as to form a fist.
  4. Sign “Introduce”: Start with both hands open, palms facing upward, fingers towards each other. Keep all 10 fingers together. Move hands towards your body.
  5. Sign “Myself”: Do a thumbs up with your dominant hand. Keeping the handshape, bump your knuckles toward the center of your chest twice.


Remember, ASL is it's own distinct language from English and a lot of the time, English sentences don't translate word for word to ASL. However, in this case, it does! 

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