How to Sign "Can you see me?" in Sign Language

For those of us who are unlucky enough to be “late-bloomers” with technology, there’s that unfortunate millennial pause. Even worse, there’s the uncertainty that the camera isn’t functioning correctly, for which we need extra validation that we can be seen on camera. Well, let us take one less stressor off your plate. If you happen to be on a video conferencing call with a Deaf or hard-of-hearing person, you now have the tools to assuage your technical difficulty fears.

Signing “Can you see me?”

  1. Signing “Can”: Form both hands into a fist and place them in front of your torso. In one swift movement, bring both hands downard
  2. Signing “You”: Using your dominant hand's index finger, point in the direction of the person you are talking to
  3. Signing “See”: Using your dominant hand in a “2” handshape, start at the base of your eyes and extend your hand forward.
  4. Signing “Me”: Point to yourself with your index finger.


If your camera or video conferencing application functioning correctly, this sign is moot. Might be better to type in the chat or text the person you’re chatting with.

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