How to Sign "I work for..." in Sign Language

Engaging in small talk is a common social occurrence that happens in various settings, be it during a casual gathering, a business meeting, or a chance encounter in a coffee shop. In such situations, it's quite common for the conversation to veer towards one's profession or place of work. Consequently, it would be beneficial to know how to express and sign the name of your employer or the company you work for. This could prove to be an interesting point of conversation and a chance for you to share more about your professional life.

Signing “I work for…”

  1. Signing "I": Point to yourself with your index finger.
  2. Signing "work": Make fists with both hands and bounce your dominant hand over your non-dominant hand twice.
  3. Signing "for": With your index finger at the top of your forehead, on your dominant side. Move the finger from facing your head to away, twice.

Fun Fact

When signing the name of the company or organization you work for, you would typically spell out each letter using the ASL alphabet. However, some well-known companies or organizations may have their own unique sign.

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