How to Sign "Let’s Reschedule" in Sign Langauge

Whether you're a teacher, manager, teammate, or classmate of a Deaf or Hard-of-hearing person, this sign will come in handy! Life happens – schedules change, things come up. As much as we like, sometimes we don't stay on track. This sign will help convey that with as much ease as possible!

Signing "Go Ahead"

Form both hands into "closed 5" handshapes and start with your hands in front of your stomach and palms facing your body. Move both hands forward slightly in one swift movement.

Signing "Reschedule"

1. With your dominant hand sign "R–E."

2. With your dominant hand in an "open 4" handshape, extend your arm in front of your body with your palm face down. Move your hand downward, then towards your dominant side.

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