How to Sign the Letter B in Sign Language

Learning the ASL alphabet helps in the process of learning and remembering other signs for terms and phrases. Many signs in sign language are formed by combining hand shapes from the alphabet, so having a solid understanding of the alphabet makes it easier to recognize and remember those signs. The letter “B” is used infrequently — just 2% of words in the English dictionary.

Directions for Signing the Letter B in Sign Language

Hold your dominant hand open, palm facing outward, all four fingers standing upright and kept together while tucking your thumb into your palm.

A Little Something Extra 

Bi-bi is a term used to describe a bilingual-bicultural approach to education for Deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals. This approach emphasizes the use of sign language (such as ASL) and written/spoken language (such as English) while also fostering a connection to Deaf culture and community.

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