How to Sign the Letter F in Sign Language

The alphabet serves as a bridge to literacy in sign language. Just like learning to read and write in spoken languages, learning the sign language alphabet provides the foundation for reading and writing in sign language. The letter “F” is used in many acronyms and, as a result, is used often in sign language.

Directions for Signing the Letter F in Sign Language

Hold up your dominant hand, palm facing outward, with your index finger and thumb touching while the other 3 fingers are standing upright and spread apart.

A Little Something Extra 

Fostering connection. American Sign Language (ASL) is a visual-spatial language used by many Deaf individuals and members of the hard-of-hearing community. ASL is not solely a communication tool but also a significant aspect of Deaf culture and identity, fostering connection, expression, and a sense of belonging.

Learn ASL

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