How to Sign the Letter M in Sign Language

The sign language alphabet forms the basis of communication in sign language. By understanding and using the alphabet signs, you can spell out words, names, and specific terms that may not have their own unique sign. The letter “M” is used somewhat frequently in sign language.

Directions for Signing the Letter M in Sign Language

Hold your dominant hand in a fist, palm facing outward, with thumb tucked under first three fingers while resting on top of the pinky finger. The bumps of the three fingers remind us of the letter “m.”

A Little Something Extra 

The Milan Conference of 1880: The Milan Conference in Italy marked a significant turning point in Deaf education. During the conference, educators from various countries voted to ban sign language in schools in favor of oralism, a method that emphasized speech and lip-reading. This decision had a profound impact on Deaf communities and their access to education.

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