How to Sign the Letter P in Sign Language

The sign language alphabet forms the basis of communication in sign language. By understanding and using the alphabet signs, you can spell out words, names, and specific terms that may not have their own unique sign. The letter P is used in many acronyms and, as a result, it is used very often in sign language.

Directions for Signing the Letter P in Sign Language

The letter “P” is signed like the letter “K” but is held upside down. Hold down your dominant hand, palm facing inward, with index finger standing upright (pointing down) and middle finger standing inward creating a 90-degree angle between these two fingers, while the thumb rests at the base of the middle finger and other remaining fingers curled in.

A Little Something Extra 

The term "prelingual deafness" refers to individuals who are born Deaf or experience hearing loss before acquiring spoken language. Prelingual deafness can impact language development, but early intervention, including exposure to sign language and speech therapy, can support language acquisition and communication skills.

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