How to Sign the Letter W in Sign Language

Learning the alphabet helps in the process of learning and remembering other signs. Many signs in sign language are formed by combining hand shapes from the alphabet, so having a solid understanding of the alphabet makes it easier to recognize and remember those signs. The letter “W” is commonly used in acronyms and an important letter to know how to sign.

Directions for Signing the Letter W in Sign Language

Hold up your dominant hand, palm facing outward, with index, middle and ring fingers standing upright and spread apart while pinky and thumb touch as the pinky finger curves in with the thumb resting on the pinky finger’s nail, just like the letter “W.”

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The World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) is an international organization that represents the interests of Deaf individuals globally. The WFD advocates for the recognition of sign languages, the rights of Deaf individuals, and the promotion of inclusive policies and practices.

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