How to Sign the Letter Z in Sign Language

Learning the alphabet helps in the process of learning and remembering other signs. Many signs in sign language are formed by combining hand shapes from the alphabet, so having a solid understanding of the alphabet makes it easier to recognize and remember those signs. The letter “Z” is the last letter in the alphabet, but it is still fundamental in sign language mastery.

Directions for Signing the Letter Z in Sign Language

Hold your dominant hand in a fist, palm facing outward, with index finger standing upright then draw a “Z” in the air with the index finger.

A Little Something Extra 

The Zambian Sign Language (ZSL) is one example of a sign language used in a specific country. Similar to ASL, ZSL is a distinct language used by Deaf individuals in Zambia to communicate and express themselves. The more than 300 sign languages around the world spoken by more than 70 million Deaf people showcase the diversity and richness of Deaf culture and communication.

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