How to Sign "Manager" in Sign Language

Whether you’re a manager yourself or you report to one, there’s always a manager in the chain. When first getting to know an organization or even when you’re just meeting someone in a professional context, this sign will come in handy.

Signing “Manager”

  1. Hand Shape: Form both hands into an “X” handshape, with the index finger extended and bent.
  2. Sign Location: Bring both hands about chest level.
  3. Movement” Alternating hands, extend one hand at a time forward and back.
  4. Facial Expression: If you are expressing that you are a manager, you can wear a confident and professional facial expression, reflecting the role of a manager. Otherwise, this sign is usually signed with neutral facial expressions.

Fun Fact

If you sign this sign with a puzzled face and then point to someone, it forms the complete sentence, “Are you the manager?”

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