How to Sign "Music" in Sign Language

The sign for music is one of those signs that mimics reality. This sign most closely represents a violin being played, but can also be interpreted as the melody of a song.

Signing “Music”

  1. Hand shape: Form both hands in a “5” handshape.
  2. Hand location: Raise both hands to your non-dominant side, in front of your chest. Your non-dominant hand will be extended outward, palm facing up. Your dominant hand will be on top of your elbow area, palm facing your body.
  3. Movement: Rotate your dominant hand’s palm back and forth, emulating the rhythm of the music.
  4. Facial expression: Your expression should match the music you are describing. If it’s hard rock or hip hop, your whole body might move with the sign. If it’s soft, lofi, classical, your mouth might form an “oooooo” shape with light eyes.

Fun Fact

This sign is rhythmically used when interpreting music to signify musical breaks in a song, when there’s no words being sung.

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