How to Sign "New" in Sign Language

In the world of American Sign Language (ASL), each sign is like a tiny piece of art, and "new" is no exception. This sign captures the excitement of something fresh and unexplored, as if you're unveiling a hidden treasure with every gesture.

Signing: New

  1. Hand Shape: Start with both hands open, fingers together and palm facing up.
  2. Sign Location: Place both hands in the space in front of your body, usually at chest height or slightly higher.
  3. Movement: Sweep your dominant hand above your open non-dominant hand
  4. Facial Expression: While signing "new," your face can show an expression of wonder and anticipation. Let your eyes widen, and allow a smile to express the excitement of discovery.


In ASL, the sign for "new" isn't limited to just tangible objects. You can use it to describe new experiences, ideas, or even the novelty of a moment. So, whether you're talking about a brand-new gadget or the thrill of a fresh start, this sign adds a touch of excitement to your conversation.

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