How to Sign "Planning" in Sign Language

Got a lot on your plate and need to prioritize? Whether you’re planning a wedding or planning a group project, this sign is useful for you to know to slow the ropes and communicate that you need to actually scope things out.

Signing “Planning”

  1. Hand Shape: Shape both hands in a "5" handshape, with all fingers extended and touching.
  2. Sign Location: Position your hands about mid-torso in front of your body.
  3. Movement: Move your "5" handshapes to the right with a slight circular motion, as if you're going through phases of a plan.
  4. Facial Expression: Depending on the context, you can wear a focused and thoughtful facial expression, reflecting the process of careful planning. Often, it’s just signed neutrally.


Signing "planning" involves a strategic motion that mimics mapping out a plan, making it both fun and visually descriptive.

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