How To Sign Please in Sign Language

Another great word to learn as a beginner in sign language. This sign is similar to the hearing sign (not the ASL sign) for showing hunger when you rub your belly but at the chest level instead of at the stomach.

Signing 'Please' in ASL

  1. Hand Position: Begin with an open hand, fingers together and thumb extended (this is similar to a flat "B" handshape).
  2. Placement: Place your hand on your chest.
  3. Movement: Using a circular motion, rub your hand on your chest. The motion should be smooth and the circle's size can vary. For example, if it’s a generic “please,” it’s fairly small. However, if you are begging someone, it can be big and exaggerated.

Tips and Tricks

Just as with verbal language, intonation (in ASL, this would be facial expression) is vital. When signing "please," your facial expression should match the politeness or earnestness of the request.

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