How to Sign "Position" in Sign Language

Similar to role, in workplace conversations, the topic of your position in an organization is surely to come up, especially when meeting for the first time. Be sure to be prepared with this sign!

Signing "Position"

  1. Hand Position: Start with both hands forming the letter "P" in ASL, which is done by making a fist and extending the index, middle finger, and thumb, then touching the middle finger with the thumb, while the other fingers stay closed.
  2. Starting Placement: Place both hands in front of your body. Place the two Ps in the center, in front of your stomach, middle fingers touching.
  3. Movement: Swing both hands in a circular motion away from your body until the hands meet again, middle fingers touching.
  4. Facial Expression: Keep your face neutral or match the expression to the context of the conversation.

Fun Fact

This sign also means PLACE.

Learn how to sign "role," "position," and "job."

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