How to Sign “School” in Sign Language

Whether you’re still in school or talking about your past, this is a topic bound to come up.

Signing “School”

  1. Hand shape: Form your hands into a “closed-5” handshape.
  2. Hand location: In front of body, hands raised to about chest level. Your non-dominant palm should be facing up. Your dominant palm should be facing down.
  3. Movement: Clap both hands together twice.
  4. Facial expression: Keep a neutral facial expression and focus on the clarity of the sign.


Oftentimes, when Deaf people first meet each other, they ask what kind of school they went to, whether they were mainstreamed or sent to a school for the Deaf. If they went to a Deaf campus, they can often find connections with each other! After all, the community is small!

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