How to Sign "Sorry" in Sign Language

This is a sign you’ll want to know as you are starting out your sign language journey, whether it’s to apologize for a big mistake or accidentally signing something wrong.

Signing “Sorry”

  1. Hand shape: Use the dominant hand in a “S” shape, with fingers slightly apart and the palm facing inward.
  2. Hand location: Place the dominant hand near the center of the chest.
  3. Movement: Move the dominant hand downward in a small, circular motion, touching the chest lightly.
  4. Facial expression: Maintain a sincere and remorseful facial expression, reflecting genuine regret or apology.


This sign can also be used for expressing regret or asking for forgiveness in a situation where words may not be enough. Remember to always use this sign with empathy and sincerity, showing true remorse for any hurt or mistake you may have caused.

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