How to Sign “Student” in Sign Language

If you are reading this page, you are definitely a student. We hope you get a chance to learn more about sign language and Deaf culture beyond these webpages, though!

Signing “Student”

  1. Hand shape: Your dominant hand should be in a bent “O” handshape. Your non-dominant hand should be in a “closed 5” handshape.
  2. Hand location: Bring both hands to about torso level. Your non-dominant hand palm should be facing up. Your dominant hand’s fingers should sit on top of the palm.
  3. Movement: Bring your dominant hand to your forehead (symbolizing learning). Then, bring your dominant hand back down and change the shape to a “closed 5” handshape to sign “person.”
  4. Facial expression: Keep a neutral facial expression.


As you are learning sign language, it’s normal to struggle with complex conversations with other signers or Deaf people. But that doesn’t mean conversations like these are impossible! Make sure to download Ava for those moments that are harder to sign.

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