How to Sign "Today" in Sign Language

The sign for TODAY is one that you will probably use daily, especially if you are working with Deaf or hard-of-hearing colleagues.

Signing "Today"

  1. Handshape: Using both hands, form a “Y” shape with palms facing the body
  2. Sign Location: Start both hands in front of the torso, slightly under the chest
  3. Movement: In one swift movement, bring both hands downward
  4. Facial Expression: Depending on the urgency conveyed, you want your face to reflect that. If you want to convey that something is TODAY and not tomorrow, your eyes may become large and your eyebrows raised.

Fun Fact

This sign also means “NOW.” Oftentimes, people will start sentences off with “NOW, I will…” to describe something they’re doing to do or explain.

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