How to Sign "Today, I am going to talk about..." in Sign Language

Whether you're engaged in a one-on-one conversation or tasked with leading a group presentation, the phrase we're about to discuss is an essential tool you'll want to have in your communication arsenal. This phrase can be pivotal, making a significant difference in how your message is received and understood. So, let's delve into it and explore its importance.

Signing "Today I'm going to talk about"

  1. Signing "Today": Start with both hands in Y-position, palms facing your body. Move both hands downward toward the floor, but only a couple inches.
  2. Signing "I": Point to yourself with your index finger.
  3. Signing "Will": Start with your dominant hand in a "5" handshape near your dominant ear.  Move your hand forward in a quick, smooth motion.
  4. Signing "Talk": Start with your dominant hand in a “4” handshape, against your lips. Move your hand from your mouth forward, as if words were coming out of your mouth.
  5. Signing "About": Start with your non-dominant index finger level with your chest. With your dominant index finger, make a circular motion around your non-dominant index finger.

Fun Fact

The word “talk” can be signed in many different ways, depending on the context – something you’ll learn in your advanced ASL class 😉

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