How to Sign "Water" in Sign Language

Knowing the sign for water in sign language can be incredibly helpful when communicating with Deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals. Not only does it make ordering drinks at a restaurant or asking for a refill at a party easier, but it also allows for a deeper level of connection and understanding. Plus, if you ever find yourself stranded on a deserted island with a Deaf person, knowing how to ask for water might just save your life.

Signing "Water"

  1. Hand Shape: Form your dominant hand into a “W” handshape, with your index, middle, and ring finger extended
  2. Sign Location: Position your dominant hand onto your chin
  3. Movement: Lightly tap your index finger against your lips
  4. Facial Expression: Most of the time, this is signed with a neutral expression. But if you are exceptionally parched, your facial expression might match that sentiment.


This can be used in a variety of contexts, including talking about drinking water, going to the pool, floods, and more.

Learn how to sign:

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