How to Sign "Weather" in Sign Language

We all know the first rule of small talk: bring up the weather. It might as well be a universal rule. Now, you have the tools to kick off the most basic small talk conversation in sign language!

Signing “Weather"

  1. Hand Shape: Form both hands in "open 5" handshapes, with your thumbs and fingers extended and not touching.
  2. Sign Location: Position your "5" handshapes near your head, a few inches in front of your eyes.
  3. Movement: Move your hands in a synchronized, squiggly movement down, as if you’re signing the particles swaying in the air.
  4. Facial Expression: Wear an expressive facial expression that mirrors the current weather conditions, whether it's sunny, rainy, or windy.

Fun Fact

This is one way to sign weather. There is another way to sign weather using the “6” handshape. These signs are generally understood across the US. It just depends on region and preference for which sign you’ll see out in the wild!

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