How To Sign Work in Sign Language

In sign language, this sign can mean the verb “to work” or the noun “work,” “job,” or “employment.” It can also be appended to refer to “homework,” “housework,” etc. Essential for the workplace!

Directions for Signing “Work” in Sign Language

  1. Hand position: Both hands should be in a fist shape (also known as "S" handshape), with your thumbs resting against the front side of your fingers.
  2. Placement: Place your hands in front of you. Make sure your non-dominant hand is facing palm-down. Your dominant hand should be facing outward, so that your wrist touches the top of your non-dominant hand.
  3. Movement: Use your dominant fist to tap on top of your non-dominant fist a few times at the wrist area.


Considering that the sign can mean so many variations of work, such as job, employment, and work, it is important to take the sign's context into consideration.

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