Ava Connect: Accessible Live Captions (and ADA compliant!) for Any Video Conference

Remote and hybrid offices are here to stay. That means more virtual meetings. And that means more regulations are coming to ensure everyone has equal access.

In the U.S, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) under the Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act of 2010 (CVAA) is rolling out regulations requiring accessibility features in communications services, including Interoperable Video Conferencing Services (IVCS).

These regulations will be enforced by September 2024 and require that captions for live video are accurate, synchronized, and displayed quickly so they are readable and comprehensible to the user. Users must be able to customize captions, including adjusting the font size, color, and background for better readability according to their preferences.

How can organizations ensure they are compliant with the new regulations? 

It’s surprisingly easy. Make sure you have a tool to ensure 99% accurate captions so you’re ADA compliant. Make sure your service works across video platforms including Zoom, Google Meets, and Microsoft Teams. Make sure your solution can also be captioned in person.

Unfortunately, the video meeting platforms don’t meet Deaf and hard-of-hearing needs. DHH users face significant barriers when trying to participate in work meetings and in class — from poor caption accuracy and speed, to multiple video call platforms, to the inability to vocalize a response for non-voicing people. 

Fortunately, Ava, a leader in captioning services, has created a solution that makes it possible for those who are Deaf and hard-of-hearing to understand and participate in virtual conference conversations easily: Ava Connect. 

Created with the Community in Mind

At Ava, we have a simple mission: to improve the lives of Deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals through accessible communication. One of our co-founders, Skinner, who has been deaf since the age of 2, played a crucial role in the development of Ava Connect. He wasn't just part of product strategy development, he was at the heart of our user testing process. As with the rest of our feature development, Skinner’s feedback is invaluable and shapes how Ava addresses the needs of our community.

Skinner trusts Ava Connect for all of his important work meetings. This is what we call eating our own dog food. Ava Connect’s effectiveness and user-friendly design has significantly reduced Skinner’s meeting prep time. It’s also gotten rid of his worries about having to ask teammates to make extra accommodations for him. Additionally, with improved accuracy with Ava Scribe, he can truly depend on Ava to provide the accurate substance and context of conversations. Ultimately, Ava gives him and any user the necessary space and tools to concentrate on what’s important, without worrying about any barriers to full participation.

Skinner's journey with Ava Connect is a product of Ava’s commitment to user-driven development, leading to innovations that make a real difference in our users' professional lives.

Accessibility Made User-Friendly

Ava Connect is the ultimate upgrade to virtual conference captioning. By plugging Ava in directly to the virtual conference meeting, you can enjoy the friendliest user experience ever. No more struggling to keep up with the conversation or missing important details. 

Simply open the Ava CC app, start captions, and paste the meeting link. From there, Ava takes care of the rest, providing accurate, fast captions in real-time. 

It eliminates the need to switch between different tabs, use multiple devices, or need multiple people to help out with transcribing or interpreting. Its compatibility with both Mac and Windows makes it the perfect professional solution no matter what platform you use.

Most Accurate Captions Yet

While Ava Technology's previous software release already had industry-leading accuracy levels, Ava Connect just makes everything even better. Captions are even more precise than ever before. 

When Ava connects directly to the virtual meeting, it gets unobstructed access to the audio from the meeting. This means that Ava can “hear” really well. Coupled with the state-of-the-art artificial intelligence used in our professional captions, the result is highly accurate captions.

Learn more about professional captions.

In addition to enhancing the accuracy, Ava Connect easily distinguishes between speakers! This way, our users know exactly who is saying what. This upgrade can go a long way in ensuring that Deaf and hard-of-hearing folks are not left behind in virtual meetings. 

Reducing Professional Anxieties

Virtual meetings should be inclusive, and Ava Connect has taken a significant step in breaking down barriers for Deaf and hard-of-hearing users. Users never have to worry about asking colleagues to download any extra apps. Rest assured that anyone who needs a little access boost can be easily included. Long gone are the days of “can you repeat that?” 

Ultimately, Ava Connect helps reduce anxiety and provides a lifeline for real-time context. It is easy to use and saves time, making it the perfect solution for busy professionals. The next time you attend a virtual conference, make sure to use Ava Connect to experience the difference it can make for accessibility!