Ava Scribe: A Revolutionary Live Caption Service

Every day, approximately 460 million people around the world are sidelined due to some degree of hearing impairment. Hearing issues can isolate people and prohibit them from receiving crucial information during essential conversational encounters, including: medical appointments, professional meetings, academic courses, sports practice, social settings and beyond. Ava has created live captioning software that combines artificial intelligence and the finesse of human intelligence to serve the people who need it most.

At Ava, we strive for a world open to all and accessible 24/7. Thibault Duchemin, Founder and CEO of Ava grew up as a CODA surrounded by a Deaf family. His unique experience led him to create a technical tool for the purpose of inclusivity and autonomy.

A young women sits in a classroom or lecture hall with a laptop on her desk. Along with other students in the background, they all appear to be paying attention to a lecture.

Ava Scribe is a unique, agile and precise solution for a 100% accessible daily life.

What is Ava Scribe?

Unparalleled Excellence with 99% Accurate Captions

Ava Scribe combines the power of artificial intelligence with the precision of human intelligence. Ava’s professional transcriptionists (Scribes) correct the AI ​​transcription live so that users benefit from instant captions with record accuracy of 99%. This unique feature in the live caption market prevents inaccurate transcription and misunderstandings linked to poor automatic subtitling. Booking a Scribe slot is simple, quick and can be done up to six hours beforehand. Compared to the time and cost to hire a professional interpreter, Ava Scribe is easily accessible and cost efficient for all budgets.

A man sits at his desk looking at his laptop as he engages in a video conference with a few other poeple. Captions of the conversation are displayed below the video image.

It's a fact that only humans can understand the nuances, subtleties and contexts of certain conversations. Ava scribes are professional transcribers with excellent command of the designated language and culture. Scribes have the liveliness and discernment needed to correct errors of artificial intelligence in real time. Ava Scribe service has been described as a “pocket captioner” and revolutionary.

9 unique strengths of Ava Scribe

  1. Obtains trustworthy transcription with up to 99% accuracy.

  2. Allows personalization with Ava Subtitles and options:

    ➡ Display in floating banner mode or full screen
    ➡ Dark mode
    ➡ Setting the font size
    ➡ Backup of transcripts (TXT, PDF, or SRT format)
    ➡ Vocalization of answers with the "vocalization of answers" function

  3. Speaker identification with color-coding subtitles differentiates who is speaking when.

  4. Affordable with a variety of price options based on usage.

  5. Ava Mic allows video conferences and online videos to be accessible.

  6. "Dictionary Boost" allows users to add corporate jargon and acronyms for Ava's Artificial Intelligence to understand and translate.

  7. Transcriptions can be safely saved in the cloud, available to be retrieved on all devices.

  8. Confidential data collection. The security and protection of personal data is top priority for Ava. Scribes do not keep recordings, transcription or any related data.

  9. Instantaneous translation of the AI ​​into more than 16 languages. Language barrier disappears as Ava’s speech-to-text transcribes and translates conversations in real time.
An image of a mobile phone, iPad or tablet and a laptop displaying Ava caption tools can be used on all devices and across various platforms.

Who uses Ava Scribe?

Ava Scribe assists any person or company who wishes to keep a written record of conversations, meetings, courses or seminars. Closed captioning tools and transcription services are beneficial to Deaf, hard-of-hearing and hearing people.

According to Louise Noell, Scribe Manager at Ava, there are generally 3 categories of people who use Ava Scribe:

  1. Professionals during meetings with multiple interlocutors

  2. Professionals organizing 100% accessible events

  3. Students who wish to track and save lectures and course-related notes

Interview with Louise Noell, Scribe Manager at Ava

Ava: Please introduce yourself and your role at Ava.

I have been with Ava since 2018. When the service opened, I was recruited as a scribe. I was one of the first scribes on the French team! I was a "beta tester" of the application.

Today, I manage the constantly expanding team of scribes. They are fully trained on the theoretical part, then in the field. My main activities are: recruitment, selection of candidates, their training and monitoring the sessions in progress to ensure they are running smoothly.

A women with brown hair sits at a table gazing down as she works on her laptop.

Ava: What skills do you need to be a scribe?

A scribe must have a few specific talents, including: comfort with computer tools, good typing speed and precision on the keyboard, perfect spelling and grammar, effective communication skills, efficient time management, responsive, reliable, autonomous and resourceful.

The user is our priority, so we need people who want to do well and are aware of their role in the Scribe chain. In addition to technical skills, they must be adaptable, open-minded and possess a “fiber to help”. We work with a lot of different profiles, which is wonderful!

Ava: In your opinion, what makes Ava Scribe strong?

Scribe is not there to replace existing solutions (LSF or ASL interpreters for example), rather it is a complement. People who are hard of hearing or Deaf have several options, but ultimately their choices are still limited. It is difficult to get the services of an interpreter for a day, and not everyone can afford it because it is expensive. In addition, many Deaf or hard of hearing people do not speak French or American sign language.

I believe that the strength of Ava Scribe is due to different factors:

  • the remarkable precision and adaptation of the tool
  • low price
  • personalized support provided by Ava
  • discreet use of the tool
  • booking up to 6 hours in advance allows great flexibility
  • the dictionary boost
  • confidentiality

Ava: Any final words?

One of our great prides at Ava is our team! Our goal is for the team to be united, strong and to feel part of a common mission. We all love helping people and doing meaningful work. We are driven by this same goal and by the desire to do our best.

Our company is growing and facing constant challenges. We build ourselves as we go: our roles are perfectible and destined to evolve over time — and that's exciting!

A voice caption box with a microphone icon contains the words "Ava captions meetings perfectly with a Scribe". Above the caption box is a small picture of a women's face to signify she is the person speaking.

Ava Scribe User Testimonials

"Regular user of the Ava Pro solution since January 2020 and more in a telework context. My professional activity has greatly improved with this accessibility tool which adapts to the jargon of the company, which captions the exchanges in real time and which relies on a Scribe to correct the automatic captioning at Requirement. It is important to involve all stakeholders for optimal and quality use of the Ava Pro: facilitators, participants, colleagues and managers, in particular to properly configure its settings and microphone. Ava is everyone's business!” -Cédric Bouzinac, Engineer

If I had to sum it up in one sentence, I would say that with Ava Scribe, you can understand everything.” -Baya Ghoul, Writer & Graphic Designer at Prisma Media

I really like having the Scribe option because the lessons are much more understandable. The presence of a scribe makes the texts easier to understand. On top of that I reuse the transcripts provided by Ava as notes to revise, which is a very valuable tool.” -Manon Kespern, Student

“Ava has given me peace of mind and security during remote meetings.” -Xavier Soors, Engineer

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