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Ava makes free life captioning accessible to everyone. Heavy users can upgrade to Unlimited for 24/7 accessibility.



For accessibility explorers

Get real-time captions of conversations around you, 24/7.

Start captioned conversations with 1 or more friends up to 5 hours per month

Join Ava conversations for free

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For frequent users

Get real-time captioning as much as you need

Start captioned conversations with 1 or more friends, with no monthly limit

We help you make Ava work where you need it

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Based on your needs

For Inclusive Organizations

Set up Ava accessibility for deaf & hard-of-hearing people in your organization

Real-time captioning of your communications (meetings, conference calls, presentations, etc.) with no monthly limit

Dedicated Ava account manager to help you.

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One small app for you, and a giant leap for accessibility.

Ava is the first smart captioner for deaf & hard-of-hearing accessibility, based on artificial intelligence. Used by dozens of thousands of deaf & har-dof-hearing people in more than 20 countries, each conversation on Ava improves the overall intelligence of the system and the quality of future transcriptions: we’ve made of the conquest of total accessibility a truly collective effort.

This service has a cost, but to remain accessibile to those who cannot afford it, Ava can be used 100% free if you don’t use more than 5 hours of captioning per month, or join other people who have remaining credit. For those who need much more captioning time than others, we’ve made available Unlimited plans, tailored to your specific needs.

Use Ava 100% free.

Ava is free to download and has a 100% free plan but captioning time is limited to 5 hours every 30 days. Joining a conversation hosted by a friend will not use your credit: only the hours of the host will be counted.

If you don’t have any time left, you will not be able to keep captioning until you: A) Join a friend’s conversation who still has credit left. B) Upgrade to one of the Unlimited plans to get unlimited time for the next 30 days C) Wait the end of your 30 day cycle for a new 5 hours credit!

You can see your remaining credit time in your Profile page and choose one of the unlimited plans in your Ava app by selecting “Go Unlimited”.

Ava for Organizations

Don't miss the opportunity to be 24/7 inclusive for deaf and hard-of-hearing people! Get everyone on the same page with Ava. Our different solutions tailored to your needs.

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