How to Raise Hand in Zoom

Raising your hand in a Zoom meeting is a helpful way to get the host's, presenter's or participants’ attention without interrupting the conversation – and let’s face it, it’s kinda fun. Follow these simple steps to let others know you have a question or a comment:

Step 1: Join or Start a Zoom Meeting

Begin by joining an ongoing Zoom meeting or starting one of your own. If you have a Zoom link, click on it. You’ll be prompted with a dialogue box and a call to action of “Open” or something very similar. 

Step 2: Access the Zoom Meeting Controls

Once you're in the Zoom meeting, you'll need to access the Zoom meeting controls. These controls are usually located at the bottom of the Zoom window on a desktop or within the meeting options on a mobile device. You’ll see controls like Mute / Unmute, Start Video / Stop Video, Security, Reactions, Apps, Whiteboards, Notes, etc. 

Step 3: Press the “Reactions” Button

Click on the “Reactions” button in the bottom menu. A secondary menu should then pop up.

Step 4: Click or Tap "Raise Hand"

Once you see the “Raise Hand” option, click it when you’re ready to raise your hand.

Step 5: Your Hand is Raised

After clicking "Raise Hand," a hand icon will appear next to your name in the Participants list and the upper left-hand corner of your video. Everyone in the call will be able to see that your hand is raised.

Step 6: Lower Your Hand

The host can lower your hand or you can do it manually. Just click the button “Lower Hand” in the Reactions menu, which appears in the same location as the "Raise Hand" button.

That's it! You've successfully learned how to raise your hand in a Zoom meeting. It's a convenient way to engage in virtual discussions and ensure everyone gets a chance to participate.