How to Record a Zoom Meeting

Zoom recording is available on all Zoom plans, which means you can still record a meeting on a free Zoom account. In Zoom, they call it a “Local Recording”, which means that you are recording the Zoom meeting locally in Zoom. You are unable to record audio transcripts, the shared screen layout with an active speaker thumbnail, or the active speaker and gallery view. You cannot record on the iOS or Android app. 

How to Enable Zoom Recordings as a User

Go to and sign into your account.  Once you’ve logged in, click on “settings” on the left-hand side to manage your account’s settings.

Note: if you are not the admin of your account, reach out to the account owner to ask for Zoom Recording permissions.

Within the settings window, click on the “Recording” tab. 

In the “Recording” settings, find the setting that says “Local Recording”  Click the button so that it is in the on position.

Scroll down for more setting options including allowing participants to record, automatic recordings, voice settings, and recording notifications.

Next time you start a new meeting, you will have the permission to record the meeting. 

Start a Zoom Recording

As the meeting host, start a Zoom Meeting

In the bottom menu, click the “record” button.

There will be an audible, “recording in progress” and then your bottom menu will include a “pause/stop recording” button options

You will also see a recording indicator in the top-left corner while the recording is active. 

As the host, you are also able to see if participants are currently recording when you click on the Participants button in the bottom menu.

You can either end the recording by clicking on the pause or stop button in the bottom menu or by ending the meeting. Once the meeting has ended, Zoom will start the saving process of your video recording and save it locally on your computer. The folder containing the recording will automatically open once it is ready to use. 

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