How to Sign “Fall” in Sign Language

Fall, or autumn – a time of rest and ease. Leaves are falling, animals started to prepare for hibernation. The excitement of summer dies down, but the rainy days signal moments to stay in an enjoy our homes. The sign for “FALL” represents leaves falling off a tree.

Signing “Fall”

  1. Hand shape: Start with your dominant hand in a “4” handshape. Form your non-dominant hand into an “S” handshape
  2. Hand location: Bring your hands in front of your body at about chest level. Your non-dominant hand should cross over your body, almost touching your dominant shoulder. Bring your dominant hand to a few inches above your non-dominant elbow.
  3. Movement: In a few quick motions, sweep your dominant “4” against your non-dominant arm.
  4. Facial expression: Keep a neutral facial expression.

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